Selling Colorado Foreclosures

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Struggling financially because you lost your job, went through a divorce, faced medical bills, or dealt with the death of a loved one? Facing a financial crunch and you don't have many choices left? Going through foreclosure of your home? If so, you have arrived at the right place!
Welcome to Convergence Properties Inc! We are here to help property owners in all kinds of situations. We buy houses in Colorado, including Grand Junction.

What are Colorado Foreclosures?

Foreclosures in Colorado essentially mean that the bank or mortgage company legally takes ownership of your house in Colorado. This happens when the agreement that you made with the bank breaks, as you can’t keep up with your mortgage payments.
Upon completion of the foreclosure process, the lenders sell the foreclosed property to recover the money they lost. This might put the homeowners in many jeopardized situations, including:

Loss of your home!

Foreclosure's toughest part is losing your home along with any equity you have built up. Starting again from zero can feel daunting and overwhelming, as you have to find a new place to live and rebuild your life.

Ruined credit score!

Once you have lost your property in foreclosure, it hits your credit score. As a result, you might find it very tough to find a home, get approved for loans, or even get employment.

More than just losing your home!

The difference in the amount that you owned and what the lender received, after the sale of your foreclosed property is called deficiency balance. The lender might take legal action against you to collect the remaining amount. So, not only do you lose your home, but you are likely to face potential legal actions.
Convergence Properties Inc will be your friend in need when facing Foreclosures in Colorado. Regardless of the condition of the house or the time frame that you are struggling with, we will make your home sale simple and quick!

We are the best of both worlds together!

We work as real estate investors as well as real estate agents! With us you will find many doors open and provide you enormous opportunities to sell your Colorado Foreclosures home fast.

Top advantages of Selling Your Colorado Foreclosures Home With Convergence Properties Inc:

No impact on your credit score!

A foreclosure remains on your credit score for seven years, negatively affecting your credit history. Therefore, you can not secure a loan during challenging times- it gets especially overwhelming while facing urgent needs like medical expenses.

You can reclaim homeownership sooner than you think!

It is difficult to apply for a mortgage when you have a foreclosure on your credit history. Just in case, you get selected for a loan then you might have to bear high-interest rates.
You can navigate your way to your new home swiftly with us! Sell your home to us and obtain quick cash. Get started with us right away!

No worries about deficiency balance!

You are entitled to pay the deficient balance, if the lender is unable to recoup their loan amount just by selling your home in foreclosure. However, by selling your home to Convergence Properties Inc, you will have enough funds to cover the mortgage.

Fast and stress-free transactions!

When it's about quick, honest, fair, and fast cash, for your foreclosure home, Convergence Properties Inc is the name you can trust upon. We will either have it or else we arrange it! With our market expertise, we'll assist you at every step of the ladder to success in listing your property for the best prices possible.

Unlocking Opportunities at Convergence Properties Inc!

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